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Who uses Advanced Accounting, and what products/services do they provide?

Adapter/fittings supply
Advertising agencies
Animal vaccines/serums
Architectural signage
Art supply and education
Audio equipment
Auto parts-wholesale
Auto parts-retail
Auto parts-distributor
Beauty supply
Cables and control systems
Camera stores
Car dealerships
Car washes
Chemical cleaning products
Circuit board manufacturers
Computer supply
Corporate promotion
Decorative home hardware
Decorative stone supply
Drilling products
Electrical contractors
Electronics manufacturers
Engineering services
Ergonomic furniture
Excavating services
Forklift sales/services
Freight forwarders
Furniture stores
Guitar shops
Grocery stores
Gun lubricants
Gun parts manufacturers
Landscape services
Leather accessories
Home builders
Home decor
Home improvement stores
Lawn mowers
Ice machine doors/parts
Industrial air filters
Industrial belting
Irrigation equipment
Kiln/digester construction
IT support providers
Janitorial service
Janitorial supply
Jewelry stores
Job shops
Marketing consultants
Medical equipment
Metal heat treating
Molded rubber parts
Motion control and automation
Music publishers
Newspaper distribution
Non-profit organizations
Nutraceuticals manufacture
Office equipment services
Office supply houses
Oilfield equipment services
Optical lens manufacturers
Orthodontic adhesives
Payroll bureaus
Picture frames
Picture frame mouldings
Pizza delivery
Plumbing supply
Power equipment sales/services
Pool & spa
Medical offices
Recording equipment/media
Recording studios
Sand & gravel
Safety equipment
Science education equipment
Security systems
Sheet metal fabricators
Shooting sports
Snow blowers
Stainless steel doors
Steel fabrication
Structural metal fabrication
Taxidermy panels/supplies
Telecommunications equipment
Tile stores
Tire stores-retail
Tool & die welding
Tool supply stores
Traffic equipment
Truck repair
Vacuum supply
Vacuum repair
Addsum Advanced Accounting
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Advanced Accounting Built on Accounting
Addsum Advanced Accounting software is modifiable, affordable and expandable (from a single PC user to dozens of users on your Windows network) for wholesale, distribution and retail industries. The software package includes point of sale (POS), bill of materials (BOM), job costing and integrated credit card processing along with its strong sales order, quotes, single or multi-location inventory control, accounts receivable, purchase order, general ledger, accounts payable, payroll and other modules. Based on predecessor releases that date back to the early 1980's, it has stood the test of time. Join thousands of users worldwide who run their small to medium-sized businesses on Advanced Accounting.
Latest Windows version of Advanced Accounting (version 8 released Sept. 2019)
Adv 8 release announcement and new features list
What's New in Advanced Accounting 7i?
Legacy DOS/16-bit version of Advanced Accounting (5.1)
Support for all Business Tools/Addsum releases of Advanced Accounting
(and Books)
Custom programming services
(for all Business Tools/Addsum releases of Advanced Accounting)
Advanced Accounting 8
Advanced Accounting 8 main menu 

Advanced Accounting was originally published by Business Tools, Inc. and has been continuously and primarily supported and developed by Addsum Business Software, Inc. since 1996.

ADDSUM is a trademark and registered service mark of Addsum Business Software, Inc.
ADDSUM Advanced Accounting is a trademark of Addsum Business Software, Inc.
BUILT ON ACCOUNTING is a trademark of Addsum Business Software, Inc.
Copyright © 1996-2024 ADDSUM BUSINESS SOFTWARE, INC.
All Rights Reserved
Made in the USA

Past addresses of Advanced Accounting software publishers

Because of its long product history and because the original publisher had a number of different physical addresses and phone numbers, the list below is provided as a courtesy to prior Advanced Accounting, Books, TAS-Books, TAS Professional and TAS-Plus users as a way to ensure they are at the right place.

Addsum continues to support the following products: Books 2.0, Advanced Accounting 3.0, Advanced Accounting 4.0x, Advanced Accounting 5.0, Advanced Accounting 5.1, Advanced Accounting 6.0, Advanced Accounting 6.1, 8 and 9 in addition to the programming languages used in conjunction with these and predecessor products including TAS-Plus 2.0x, TAS Professional 3.0x, TAS Professional 4.0x, TAS Professional 5.0, TAS Professional 5.1, TAS Professional 6.x, TAS Professional 7, TAS Premier 7i, and TAS Premier 7ix.

Addsum is also the publisher of the latest versions of Advanced Accounting and TAS Premier.

past publisher address:
Business Tools, Inc.
4038-B 128th Ave. S.E.
Suite 266
Bellevue, Washington 98006
Phone: 206-644-2015
past publisher address:
Business Tools, Inc.
15395 SE 30th Pl.
Suite 310
Bellevue, Washington 98007
past publisher address:
Business Tools, Inc.
1125-12th Avenue N.W.
Suite B2
Issaquah, Washington 98027
Phone: 206-392-9781
past publisher address:
Business Tools, Inc.
104 S. Estes Drive
Suite 101
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514
Phone: 919-932-3065
past publisher address:
Business Tools, Inc.
1507 E. Franklin Street
Suite 212
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27515
Phone: 919-932-3068
Phone: 800-648-6258
past publisher address:
Business Tools, Inc.
224A Orange Grove
Suite 13
Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278
Phone: 919-932-3068
Phone: 800-648-6258
past publisher address:
Business Tools, Inc.
512 Grand Oak Dr.
Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278
Phone: 919-932-3068
Phone: 800-648-6258

current publisher address:
(and provider of program enhancements and updates since 1996, co-developer of the first 32-bit version of Advanced Accounting, and now developer and publisher since 2003, and at this same address for over 20 years)

Addsum Business Software, Inc.
4836 South Highland Dr. Suite 202
PO Box 17284
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117
Phone: 801-277-9240
Phone: 800-648-6258
Web site:

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